family hotels

The SB hotels establishments draw a parallel line to the Mediterranean coastline, from the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, with a great recreational and cultural activity; to the historical Roman Tarraco, with theme parks, beaches and golf courses; all the way down to Tortosa, where two of the most important natural parks in Southern Europe come together: the Ebro Delta and the mountains of Tortosa-Beseit.

It is a route of great tourist interest for families due to the diversity of its activities, attractions, landscapes, sports practices for the whole family and large leisure offer for all ages.

SB hotels gives families the chance to enjoy places especially designed for them, such as the Family Rooms, devised for the comfort of the parents and the fun of the youngest ones.

Because we are Family Hotels and hope you enjoy the best moments with your loved ones, we offer bed and breakfast service totally free a child from 2-12 years sharing room with two adults.