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The first edition of the SB HOTELS 10K TARRAGONA will be held on 11 June. The best kind of run is back in Tarragona.

Aware of the unstoppable growth of the number of running enthusiasts, we are committed to hosting this race that will be held on Saturday 11 June in a unique setting: the Port of Tarragona and its coastline. The event will also include a 5K run. What’s more, as we did in previous competitions, SB HOTELS is organising a team of employees and their families to participate under the name SB RUNNERS.

SB HOTELS has been supporting basic sports for years, as well as popular competitions and local marches linked to these sports.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the SB HOTELS 10K TARRAGONA 2022.

Where to stay during the SB HOTELS 10K TARRAGONA 2022?

At SB Hotels we have 3 first class hotels in Tarragona. The SB Ciutat Tarragona and SB Express Tarragona hotels, located just a short walk from the city centre, are both excellent choices. And let’s not forget out SB Corona Tortosa hotel, from which you will be able to easily explore the region of Terres de l’Ebre.